The Old Village of Kenfig

A Fair at Kenfig Town

Kenfig town was having a carnival. There was a horse, a bear and a joker. There was lots of people and lots of stalls. The fur on the bear was as dark as the night sky. The joker was juggling four balls. The people were dressed strangely. Some people had swords. In the background you can see Kenfig Castle and Maudlam Church.
Maudlam Church is very old.
The horse had a shield on it. There were as many people as there would be in Cardiff on a Saturday. There was sand on the floor. The castle was as tall as a mountain. By the joker there was a dog. The horse had a costume on.
By the horse there was a girl.
In front of the horse there was a man in armour.
By Cameron


A fair at Kenfig town

In Kenfig there were loads of people there a long time ago. There was a castle that got torn up by the sand. They used to have loads of parties. They had bears there and clowns at the back you can see the church in the back ground. They put tents up in the town. The bear is big and fluffy as a teddy bear.
By Luke


A FAIR AT Kenfig Town

I see a joker, which is juggling with a dog jumping to get the juggling balls. I see a horse. The horse has got a shield. One of the men is wearing one as well. The girl is wearing a long silky dress. There is a bear on his own two feet with a string over his mouth with a man. You can see Kenfig Castle over the tents. The tents are stripy, plane and different shapes. There are house behind the tents. All the people are wearing strange clothes. The fair looks like as busy as a school play ground. The floor is as sandy as bumpy as rocks.
By Gracie

A fair at kenfig town

The fair has animals the animals are a dog, horse & a bear. I can see a joker. The joker is dancing. Behind all the people there is an Castle. There are loads of shops. There are loads of people. The people are having fun. The town is massive. The town is absolutely full of people. The kids are having fun. By the horse there was a little girl holding it. The joker is juggling. The bear is as big as a big rock.
By Casey and Emmalyn


A fair at Kenfig Town

There is a fair at Kenfig Town and everybody was enjoying themselves, there are people wearing funny clothes like the juggler, he is wearing a striped top and striped leggings every body is watching him play. There is a horse standing next to a small lady with a white gown and a rope tied around her. The horse is wearing an eye patch. The eye patch looks like a pirates eye patch. In the background there is Mawdlam Church and some other shops and stalls. The fair is as busy as a zoo. Behind us is a cart with lots of boxes. The cart is as rusty as a rusty scooter from ten years ago. A long time ago instead of Nintendo’s they used to play jousting in the field. (Basically its just when you have a fake sword and banged into each other).
By Emily and Brittani


A Fair at Kenfig Town

There are loads of people looking at the jester, who is juggling. In the background there is a church and kenfig castle. In the fair there are bears, horses and dogs. The fair is a busy as a market. Kenfig Castle looks like a church. The fair is now covered with sand. There are lots of tents in the background. As it was in the olden days they all wore old clothing. There would probably be over 100 people at the fair. In the background is the Prince of Wales. The dog is jumping up at the juggler. The bear is standing on its back legs.
By Abigail


A Fair at Kenfig Town

There are lots of people, one bear, a dog and a horse. The horse has got a saddle and a white cloak underneath it. There is a castle and a church in the background. There is a juggler in the fair. There is markets everywhere, and selling baskets, food, stuff for horses. So many people must be thousands of them. The dog is barking at the juggler. There is sand everywhere. Kids are playing and in a happy way. People are selling stuff, like, baskets and food. There are shops and a few houses in the background. The bear is as big as a gorilla. The juggler is as funny as a clown. There is a pub called the Angel but what happens next?
By Abby