Cynffig's War Memorials


The War Memorial in Pyle is located in the grounds of Pyle British Legion. It records some of the names also to be found on the Cenotaph, Kenfig Hill

From the Cenotaph, Kenfig Hill, here are the names of those who fought and died during the Second World War

The Cenotaph at the 'Top Cross', Kenfig Hill

The War Memorial, Cefn Cribwr, showing the names of those who died in both World Wars

This promise can be seen on a plaque on the roof of the War Memorial, Cefn Cribwr

The three war memorials at Cefn Cribwr, Kenfig Hill and Pyle record the names of members of the three communities who sacrificed their lives in both World Wars. So far, we have only been able to find out a small amount of information about some of those men. T.A. Bartle fought and died at El Alamein on 28th January 1942. H. Rumbelow died on board HMS Jaguar when it sank on 26th March 1942. Llewelyn Mort died at Catania on 27th July 1943. Olaf Stenner died on board HMS Glorious on 8th June 1940. W. Enos died at Coriano Ridge on 9th September 1944. Josiah Glanville Morgan died on board HMS Fleur de Lys on 14th October 1941. Jack Smart died in Singapore on 29th November 1943. Ivor Thomas died on board HMS Kite on 21st August 1944.

We would like your help to discover more about these men and the others whose lives are recorded on each of the War Memorials. If you are able to help, please contact us.

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