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Why did you not come to school today?


Children in years 1 and 2 looked at the old school log book to find out why children didn\'t go to school in 1894 to 1901

The first headteacher of Cefn Primary School 1902


In 1902 John Lloyd became the first headmaster of our school.This is what we found out about him.

Places of Worship in Cefn Cribbwr


We have studied the various places of worship in Cefn Cribbwr and have found information about their past history

Whose Nanny and Grandpa came to our school.


The nursery and reception classes have been finding out whose grandparents went to Cefn Cribwr school when they were young

Places of interest Around our school


Pastel drawings by class 5 and 6

A visit to Bedford Ironworks


Year 1 and 2 visit to Bedford Ironworks with Neville Granville

What was Life Like in Cefn Cribwr Long Ago?


Class 4 and 5 interviews with their parents