Want to help?

All members of our community are invited to contribute or join in, and that includes you the reader. Perhaps you can provide a photograph of a lost picture of rural Wales, or simply provide a memory, which the children can record on tape.

Tell your story

Everyone has lived in this area for some time, has a least one historical "anecdote", to tell a visiting friend or relative. The Cefn riders, the buried city of Kenfig, the Parc slip disaster, the sinking of the Samtampa are some of the best known. Some are true, such as the story of the bomb that fell near the junior school in Kenfig Hill and some are just part of the areas folklore, like the man buried upright in a garden in Pyle, or the stone that walks to Sker beach every Christmas morning to get a drink of water. Which story do you tell?

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Do you have a special interest?

If you have a particular interest or knowledge of the history of the area then perhaps you might like to help the schools by passing what you know on, so we can create a living historical database that can be left as a legacy for future generations.

Help the kids

The children in a school near you are working hard to find out as much as they can about the history of the area near their school.

Do you have a story to tell or a little known historical fact that would help them? It can be about anything at all as long as it's about the Cynffig Area. We will even have a folklore section for the stories that come more from imagination than fact. Contact your nearest school or use the e mail reply form on this web site to get in touch and get more details of how you can help.