The Bro Cynffig Chronicles Project

Sker beach wreck

The 'Bro Cynffig' Chronicles is an exciting project, which plans to record and tell the history of the Cynffig area, through the words, drawings and activities of its children.

Every school in the Pyle, Cornelly, Kenfig Hill and Cefn Cribwr area is participating in the project by drawing upon the support of community groups and local people to help gather the evidence needed to document the area's rich historical background. This information will then be shared with all through the creation of history trails, journals and via this website.

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History trail leaflets

History Trail Leaflets

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Ask your gran!

Don't forget to ask your gran and all other members of your family to help. They might not have read this web site, so ask them for us. Help them get in touch and we will do the rest.

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

Latest Projects

Kenfig Castle Then and Now

February 2011

Poems about Kenfig Castle

Farming News

April 2009

Class 4 have been finding out about local farming stories that made news in the 19th Century.We found a lot of them amusing

Corneli - Taith i'r Gorfennol Rhan 2

April 2009

A walk through the history of Cornelly.Part 2 Parhad : Lon y New House ir rheilffordd . New House to the railway

Why did you not come to school today?

April 2009

Children in years 1 and 2 looked at the old school log book to find out why children didn't go to school in 1894 to 1901

Corneli - Taith i'r Gorfennol Rhan 1

April 2009

A walk through the history of Cornelly. Croesheol Corneli ir New House. Cornelly cross to the New House

The fire at the top Cross ( Bowens Cross) 1913

April 2009

This is the story of how, in 1913, a fire destroyed all the shops near our school.

Chronicle book available early November

If you prefer to see the children's work in a hard copy format, why not buy a copy of our book " The Bro Cynffig Chronicles - The history of Cynffig told by its children "

It shows what the children have discovered about the history of the area. Filled with their drawings and writings, the book, 76 pages, bound and in full colour, is packed with little gems of local history, some never before seen in print.

Books can be obtained directly from the participating schools or by contacting the web site. All proceeds from the book will go to the schools and for the continued support of community projects.

Buy the book for just 5

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Take the Mental Artihmetic Test...

This is part of a mental arithmetic test from the 1950, that the pupils of children of Pil primary school have found.

Can you answer the questions? Remember it must be in your head. For the complete test and the answers look at the Pil school web pages inside

  1. Write in figures: Twenty-eight thousand and twenty eight
  2. Add together 99, 199 and 299
  3. Add together the greatest and the least of these: 5, 0.5, 5.5, 0.5
  4. How many children can each receive 1/3 pint of milk from 6 gallons
  5. Find the cost of 480 articles at 21/2d. each
  6. A pencil is 71/2 inches long. If 1/8 inch is using every day, what is the length of the pencil at the end of 20 days?
  7. A man works from 6am to 2pm. His journey to work takes 40 minutes and from work another 50 minutes. How long is he away from home?
  8. What is the next number in the series 6, 8,12, 20 .?
  9. The distance round a square is 3 feet 8 inches. What is its area in square inches?
  10. If 2 men together can dig a garden in 6 hours, how long would it take 3 men working together?
  11. A bucket full of water weight 10 lbs, and when half full weighs 6 lbs. What is the weight of the bucket?
  12. John had 5s. 4d. and Mary had 3s 10d. What should John give Mary so that they have the same amount?
  13. A gallon and a half of paint cost 56s. What will a quart and a half cost?
  14. When I multiplied 11 by a certain number, it was increased by 66. What number did I multiply by?
  15. What length of boarding 6 inches wide would be required for a floor 15 feet long and 12 feet wide?

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